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I was tagged to do this by petrova (:iconpetrova:), and since I like memes, why not? ^^

1. What are you going to do different in 2015 compared to 2014?
I'll be going abroad at least twice O__o Never done that on the same year before what I can remember! First to England in February, then to the US in, uhm... April-ish. 

2. Is there anything you missed in 2014 that you want in 2015?
Confidence, and time spent just for me and my pleasures. I want to be able to do stuff that doesn't count as productive without feeling bad about it.

3. Biggest wish right now?
Could someone else please write my essay on "attitudes towards dialects"? ^^; 
No, but honestly, I think my biggest wish right now is that I will have a great year - and that I will understand that it is only I who can make it the best year I've ever had, instead of blaming others and circumstances for having "made it shitty". 

4. What movie/TV series/album/book/game do you look forward to?
More Marvel!!! And well, I quite looking forward to getting myself a PS4 console so I can play AC Unity (I have the game but not the console, that's how I roll). 

5. What will you do to get better in your craft?
Not sure if I will do anything on that, because right now my focus is more on getting through school and UNDERSTANDING what it is I'm bullshitting on the exams and the essays so it's not just learning for the occasion. I'm supposed to be able to teach this stuff, after all.
So my craft(-s) - drawing, photographing, writing and sewing in particular - will not have the focus of me getting better, only focusing on me getting a break from studies and life in general. Back to therapy rather than skill evolvement, in other words.

6. What will you do to get closer to your hopes and dreams?
Allow myself time for myself, study when I say I will study, and not be scared of shutting my phone off if I need it.

7. What one thing would you like to do in 2015?

Finish my Swedish as Second Language courses on time so I don't have them lagging behind me during the last term.

8. If 2015 was your last year alive what would you do?
Drop out of school, and paint paint paint! Visit friends, engage myself more in helping others. Making sure that even if I may not produce anything directly connected to me - like paintings, books, awesome fashion etc - I will still have contributed to helping others and made a change for someone. 
At least I want to believe that's what I would do, if I got to know I only had this one year left to live. Live for me and help others.

9. What do you want more of in 2015?
Feeling at ease, video games, creative outlets, hours on my day and days on my week :XD:

10. What do you want less of in 2015?
Stress, feelings of guilt and inferiority, excuses (from myself, mostly)

11. At the end of 2015 where would you like to see yourself both career wise and in your personal life?
Career wise: with a part-time job that can help me finance my studies, and study-wise in a pace where I'm keeping a level pace with the education
Personal life: content, pretty obviously. Healthier. More able to say yes to myself and no to others.

12. Do you see any changes coming or will your life stay the same the coming year? Explain your reasoning.
Pretty sure my life will stay mainly the same. I'm still in school and will be for three more terms, so this year is covered with school work and that I've been doing for a long, long while. So the change will be that from this summer I will need to start working to cover my education expences.

13. If you could be someone else in 2015, who would you be and why?
I don't want to be anyone else. I have wanted to be but then only in shorter glimpses and never for a full year. I want to be me, so I can make the changes I need to make and enjoy what I can enjoy as myself. No excuses. No short-cuts. No comparing.

14. What will you do to make the world a better place in 2015?
Study in order to become a teacher that inspires and helps and motivates.

15. What would you like to dare to do in 2015?
Shut my cell phone off when I don't want to socialise. Isolate myself without feeling guilty for 'ignoring' friends and family. Ask for help if and when I need it instead of staying back and try to handle things myself. Be more forward with my opinions, especially when it comes to giving compliments and take a stand when something happens that doesn't seem okay.

I tag!
No one :aww:


Tea addict and roleplaymaniac, that's me in a nutshell :D

Current Residence: Home
Favourite genre of music: Calm things, to be honest
Favourite style of art: Graphite or sketches
MP3 player of choice: battery-driven
Personal Quote: "Why am I not surprised..."



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